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Family law cases, including divorce and child custody disputes, can be a troubling time for those involved. Hiring a firm that understands your legal issues as well as their effect on your family is a step you can take to mitigate your stress during this time. Here at The Law Office of Aaron Fonseca, we understand how important your family is to you. With years of experience helping individuals and families across Edinburg, McAllen, and Mission, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas, our goal is to help you find a solution that meets the needs of both you and your family.

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When it comes to legal matters with family, every case has its own unique set of circumstances. When you work with our firm, we will have the opportunity to sit down and discuss the details of your situation so we can work toward a swift resolution that can help you and your family move forward as peacefully and amicably as possible. We'll go over all of the legal options you have and discuss how those options will impact you and your family before outlining a strategy to move forward.

We take this approach because we know how difficult it is to try to navigate the waters of family court on your own. You may find yourself overwhelmed at the prospect of drafting prenuptial agreements, losing important relationships, fighting over contested property like your car or your house, or even fighting over custody of your children. Working with an experienced family law attorney can provide you with an experienced advocate who can fight for your needs and protect your rights.

Don't wait to get the legal guidance you need. If you or someone you know is looking for an experienced family law attorney in Edinburg, McAllen, Mission, Texas, or any of the surrounding areas in Hidalgo County, reach out to The Law Office of Aaron Fonseca today to schedule a free case consultation.